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With heartfelt thanks, please support opportunity through education                                                                                                  for self sufficiency in Ethiopia.


About your Donation

  • $42 donation buys hand-tools for two volunteers.
  • $130 donation buys 4 bags of delivered cement and labor to mix it.
  • $1200 builds 4 big classroom vegetable gardens
  • $4000 donation buys one eco-friendly toilet.
  • $16,000 donation builds one classroom serving 50+ children each day and hours of skills training after school hours, for generations to come.
  • $25,000 donation buys the middle school science lab.
  • $5,150 donation will buy a smooth surface for the basketball court, greatly in need.

Your donation will help build …

  • K-8 school to educate 1,000+ students and a community of more than 4,000 in Ethiopia.
  • Eco-friendly composting toilets for teachers and another group for middle schoolers.
  • Community Center for skills training and community health services.
  • Library.
  • Educational vegetable gardens for each classroom.
  • Marketplace and workforce training.
  • Special area for athletics and play. A 400 meter track is one of our goals.

Your donation will support …

  • The community of more than 4,000 in Ethiopia.
  • The work of an all-volunteer organization.
  • K-8 Education.
  • Growing food security.
  • Improved sanitation.
  • Adult skills training.
  • Community building.
  • Long term sustainability.
  • A project that helps people and our planet.