Get Involved

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Your Donation Makes a Big Difference

Buy a Wheelbarrow ($50) Enable the transporting of soil for the community gardens.

Construct another Hand Washing Station ($3,200).  Good sanitation is key to good health.

Finance a Floor ($2,200). Concrete and labor that will be the foundation of one classroom.

Build the Teachers Composting Latrine ($8,000). These are eco-friendly and a major improvement in sanitation, recycling the waste as compost, back to the nutrient poor soil.

Sponsor a Classroom ($14,500). Each classroom building has 4 light, well-built classrooms which will be the home of learning for generations.

Major Donor to MicroEnterprise ($20,000) to set up a new business to create jobs and purchase equipment.

Sponsor a 4 Classroom School Building ($58,000). Four classrooms that will educate 200-300 children every day for many years to come and serve, after the school day, as workshops for homework, sewing, carpentry, literacy classes and skills training.

Creative Fundraising (all donations are tax-deductible!)

  • Planning a birthday party for yourself or someone else? Take your or their age and multiply it by 10 (or 100!) as a fundraising goal.
  • Get your organization, work department, club, sorority or fraternity to sponsor an entire classroom or school building of 4 classrooms.
  • Make a pitch to have the village community project be the beneficiary of your company’s annual fundraiser for making the world a whole lot better.
  • Offer your 5k, 10k, or marathon run as a fundraiser for The Community Project: Ethiopia.
  • Find an Ethiopian food restaurant (or any restaurant) willing to donate funds per-meal (or a percentage per dinner check) and invite all your friends!
  • Find people with houses or fun services to donate. Then: auction off a couple of nights in a cabin in the woods and throw in a dogsled ride. The sky’s the limit!